BIGWHALES started in 2012 as a quality assurance and quality control service for the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

We have experienced various projects in commercial ship projects and offshore projects and have led successful project completion.

BIGWHALES is trying to keep pace with the times based on its experience.

We will create a future where the ocean, people, and industry can coexist in a healthy way.


The success of the project means that no one who participated in the project injured and returns to home safely,

And handover whole project to the customer with a highest quality that meets or exceeds the contract building specification in accordance with the project’s operation plan.


Based on Human Safety Engineering(HSE), the project life cycle (EPCC) design, procurement, construction and commissioning will require technicians who are well versed in

their respective fields to collaborate with each other to produce the best possible quality based on a design that considers the current and future environment.

I believe that it is the technology of each person,, and the sincerity and desire of each person that will make it successful project completion.



We will fulfil your dreams, honestly.

We are ready to devote our passion to all client’s dream.

We will leave a clean earth for future generations to live on.



CEO  BigWhales Marine & Offshore